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Julia Jamieson

The Purpose, Aims and Objectives of the Mothers’Union is to be specially concerned with all that strengthens and preserves marriage and family life. Such values are proving absolutely essential in the increasingly fragmented society in which we live today. 

MU is a most effective deliverer of primary health care, post-trauma counselling, micro-finance, education and the general advancement and empowerment of women in societies in the global south. In addition, we are represented on the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. Across the world, the MU has held community life together through war and exile, famine, drought and plague taking their families and their communities with them towards a better future. Working with people of all faiths & none members work as part of their communities in practical ways to deliver hope & practical solutions .

In Rochester Diocese members are involved in many such practical ways . We provide breaks for families & individuals under financial or emotional stress. This initiative operating locally & nationally is called AFIA , or Away From It All . 

We support our local women’s refuges, providing welcome bags of toiletries & treats for the mums & children .

Members knit practical items including comforting teddies for their local parish or community need. Warming scarves, hats socks, and mufflers are lovingly crafted for our local Mission to Seafarers centre in Chatham Activity blankets or “sleeves” are made for many hospitals, hospices & dementia care centres to provide distraction for those plucking at their clothes or skin in distress.

Members offer a hot meal & company often on Sunday which can be a very lonely time for those on their own or recently bereaved.

Prayer support for our work & especially during times of crisis is offered across the Diocese both for members and any who seek such help .Globally we regularly share news & prayer needs with each of our Overseas Links. Annually we gather to pray for our work in RDMU & the needs of our Links between 13th - 15th July. 

Globally members aim to stop at midday to pray for selected Dioceses Thus ensuring that all our members are prayed for and encircled within a “ Wave of Prayer “

These are just a few examples of the practical and prayerful ways members reach out to their communities around the corner & around the world. Members are visible witnesses of God’ s love .

If you or someone you know is in need of our support please contact:   Diocesan President                                          Julia



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Membership is open to all Christian men and women, single or married, with or without children! who are baptised and share our aims and objectives. Click here to contact us for more info.

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